In December of 2012 I was gifted a camera and quickly decided that I needed to learn how to actually use it. I did some research and found Click photo school and the Click community . I joined my first class in March of 2013 and found and amazing group of women that I am still in contact with today - heck yes Inclickables. I attended many of the Click Away conferences and was always in awe of the talent of the photographers who submitted work to the VOICE competition. I am in shock that this year I am a Best in Category Winner. The Voice Competition & Collection provides a unique platform to share real stories and with more than 40,000 images entered each year, it has become one of the most powerful visual documentations by, of, and for photographers around the world. I do these shoots when I have a need to create when I feel the pull of my camera to capture a story. I create to find words that won’t come otherwise. I am driven to create by something inside that won’t let me do anything else. When others are drawn to what I do it is an emotional experience for me. Thank you for this moment. Christie

The Voice Competition

November 28, 2022