About Christie

Artist Statement

I started reading when I was 4. I had a voracious appetite for the words that formed music, poems, plays, and novels. Growing up, I wanted to be a librarian by day and author by night. (Maybe…also, Wonder Woman.) Words are powerful. The power in words is how they are felt. At many key moments in my life, I failed to communicate what I needed to say because I couldn’t find words to encompass my thoughts and feelings. I was often misunderstood. However, with my camera; my voice, my thoughts finally found an outlet.

My photographic approach is to try and capture movement, texture, or color in a way that creates a visceral response from the viewer when seeing a subject captured in this way. I want to draw the viewer in to the visual that unfolds when I use my camera to seek out the stories of my subjects. Stories breathe life into images and forge connections to art in a way that still fills me with wonder.

Artist Bio

Christie Goldstein

My ya’ll is an authentic one, being from Texas. After a career as a nurse, I turned towards photography as a way to express myself. I compromised on my childhood vocational dreams and found that my desire for storytelling was much more suited to be done through my camera. I am self taught when it comes to photography, although I have wonderful peers that willingly share their knowledge and experience. I have been fortunate to connect with audiences and galleries, around the world, that enjoy my artistry.